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Lincoln PUMP KIT 8L, 24 V
Centro-matic automatic lubrication systems electric pump for grease applications

The fully integrated P653S pump is an example of Lincoln's commitment to providing innovative, cost-effective solutions through industry-leading advances in technology. This next-generation, lower-cost pump package can be fitted with one of four reservoir sizes and easily adapts to many applications.

P653S Pump features:

  • Integrated pump supplies lubricant to a single line parallel lubrication system
  • Pumps low- and high-viscosity greases including industry standard NLGI grade 2 grease
  • Easily interfaces with telematics technology in today's heavy equipment
  • Operating temperature range from -40F to +158F (-40C to +70C) VDC or 32F to 122F (0C to 50C) VAC*
  • Neutral switch allows mobile equipment to remain idling with pump power on but the timer is deactivated - allowing manual lubrication functionality
  • All pumps include low-level and system fault alarms


  • Integration of major system components reduces labor and overall costs
  • Simplifies lubrication system design
  • Installation time is reduced due to the "plug-and-play" pump design. Simply mount the pump, connect power and the supply lines and the system is ready for operation.
  • Neutral switch ensures lubrication only when the machine is operating - eliminating wasted grease
*Appropriate greases apply
Incoming voltage19 to 31 VDC100 to 240 VAC
Maximum current10 amps1.7 amps
Frequency-47 to 63 hz
Minimum pause time4 min.
Maximum pause time59 hrs. 59 min.
Pause time increments1 hr. or 1 min.
Maximum pumping time12 min.
Piston diameter7mm
Number of pumping elements connected together3
Protection1P 6K9K
Pressure switch (fixed)3500 psig240 bar
Pressure transducer (adj.)1,400 to 4,600 psig96 to 317 bar
End of line pressure switch and transducer setting (not adj.)2,500 psig172 bar
Number of outlets1
Minimum output1.5 cu. in./ min24.6 cm3/min
Maximum output18 cu. in./min295 cm3/min
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80108X 8 X
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80122X 15 X
80129*X 8 X
80130*X 4 X
80131*X 8 X
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80134 X15 X
80135 X20X X
*PLC pause time controlled