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Lincoln 10" Air Motor w/ Air Brake
Air brake for piledriver III series air motors shuts down pump immediately when excessive pump cycle occurs

Lincoln now offers its new AirBrake Runaway Control and Pump Protection device. Introduced by Lincoln more than a decade ago, the AirBrake technology has unique pneumatic logic that uses pump cycle speed to stop a runaway pump. The patented module saves customers the cost of preventable repairs and lost production by stopping pumps when they lose prime and start to accelerate toward damaging speeds.

The new AirBrake is available three ways: a factory option on new PowerMaster 4-1/4" and larger air motors; an upgrade kit for existing AirBrakes; or a separate, complete model for PowerMaster motors not originally equipped with AirBrake.

Models 85317, 273429, 94904, 94906, 94908, 94910, 273835, 274168.