Lincoln Hyd. Pump Assy. 60 Lb. zoom_in
Lincoln Hyd. Pump Assy. 60 Lb.

FlowMaster II features

  • Common crankcase design for all FlowMaster motors (hydraulic, AC or DC electric)
  • Less susceptible to grease contamination
  • Pump and reservoir combination models are level sensor and shut-off system ready
  • Culmination of years of design and performance improvements makes this a premium-choice pump for single-line parallel lubrication systems
  • Two year warranty

FlowMaster II improvements

  • 4-bolt hole pattern for all FlowMaster motors
  • Dual bearing load support
  • O-ring seals for all motors
  • Wider bolt-hole pattern for easier top mounting of pump
  • All FlowMaster II pumps will fit existing reservoirs
  • Dual support ribs for increased strength
  • Inner crankcase seal allows for easy and clean motor replacements without loss of crankcase oil
  • Increased depth of pump tube and crankcase interface for added strength
  • Integrated crankcase oil drain for easier oil change

Follower improvements

  • 2 in. (51 mm) closed foam seal resists grease by-pass
  • Larger side bearing surface virtually eliminates tilting of the follower plate
  • Improved vent tube seal
  • Sturdy construction greatly enhances sealing properties
  • Grease level-sensor ready

Reservoir improvements

  • Reservoir design incorporates 1 in. (25.4 mm) fill and 1-1/4 in. (32 mm) overflow ports
  • Accomodates new 2 in. (51 mm) follower
  • Lids are adjusted for top-mounting FlowMaster II pumps
  • Lids can be easily converted to grease level system operation
  • Each reservoir includes two lifting eye bolts for safety
  • Rigid pressure outlet connection fittings are replaced by a single flexible hose

Upper ball check design

  • Ball check spring has been removed from flow path allowing 70% more annular flow area
  • Reduces clogging problems caused by contamination from unfiltered grease
  • Grease has a clear flow path, reducing downtime and costly repairs

Electric FlowMaster II pump

  • 19:1 gear ratio results in lower current draw
  • Gear sets can be changed for different ratios
  • 18 in. (457 mm) wire motor leads with Deutsch connectors for easier installation
  • Wire leads are sheathe for protection from the elements and rub areas

Hydraulic FlowMaster II pump

  • Four-bolt motor design with dual bearing drive shaft support virtually eliminates motor loosening
  • O-ring motor-to-crankcase seal virtually eliminates oil leaks
  • Same hydraulic manifold and controls as on FlowMaster I models
854718572824 VDC electric, 19:16027Reservoir and pump
8548785723Hydraulic6027Reservoir and pump
8625885722Hydraulic6027Reservoir and pump
8567785726Hydraulic9041Reservoir and pump
8522085727Hydraulic12054Reservoir and pump
8551885724 * **Hydraulic6027Reservoir and pump
8558585725Hydraulic9041Reservoir and pump
854738573024 VDC electric, 19:112054Reservoir and pump
854728572924 VDC electric, 19:19041Reservoir and pump
855878573624 VDC electric, 19:13516Pump
855548573724 VDC electric, 19:16027Pump
855918573924 VDC electric, 19:1400181Pump
855668573824 VDC electric, 19:1120/9054/41Pump
8559985743115 to 230 VAC, 1 ph, 19:1120/9054/41Pump
8559885744115 to 230 VAC, 1 ph, 19:1400181Pump
8585085745220 to 420 VAC, 50 Hz, 3 ph, 19:1
230 to 460 VAC, 60 Hz, 3 ph, 19:1
8585185746220 to 420 VAC, 50 Hz, 3 ph, 19:1
230 to 460 VAC, 60 Hz, 3 ph, 19:1
855698574724 VDC electric, 17.8:13516Pump
855528574824 VDC electric, 34:13516Pump
855538574924 VDC electric, 34:1120/9054/41Pump
2748738575024 VDC electric, 7:13516Pump
2748748575124 VDC electric, 7:13516Pump
2760418575212 VDC electric, 19:13516Pump
2763608575312 VDC electric, 19:13516Pump
8555928575412 VDC electric, 19:16027Pump
2775608574012 VDC electric, 19:15525Pump

*Fixed hydraulic control valves. Call Technical Service for information.
**Developed for the fracking industry. Call Technical Service for details.