Graco Pump G3-G-24MX-8L0L00-UDMVA1R2 zoom_in
Graco Pump G3-G-24MX-8L0L00-UDMVA1R2
Extend machinery life, reduce operating costs and increase productivity with a Graco G3 today! The G3 Max has a flexible design that works with injector-based and series progressive systems. A cost-effective pump designed to serve multiple markets and applications. Includes one adjustable pump element - standard, plus room for two more. The ultimate in flexibility - for a high value, custom fit on your application.

  • Built-in controller with selectable pump on/pump off timer
  • Low level indicator provides low warning and shut-down alarm
  • Manual run initiates lube cycle on-demand (remote option also available)
  • Password protection safeguards settings
  • Pre-lube function can initiate lube cycle on start-up
  • Up to three pressure or cycle switch inputs to ensure proper lubrication cycles
  • Mix/match cycle and pressure switches for custom installations and feedback
  • Machine count input - ideally suited for inconsistently used equipment
  • Fault indication to external alarms
  • Optional Data Management System (DMS) - Work faster and smarter with Graco's exclusive Data Management System (DMS) Find out exactly how your lubrication system is performing and how well it's lubricated Tracks history, provides data protection, upload or download data using a simple USB flash drive.
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